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...this simple fitness equipment gives Free Carrying Case & Routines 

“to Follow- burn Calories and tone your Body in Minutes, Build Your Chest, Sculpt your back, Tone Your Abs, Strengthen Your Shoulder, and Shape your legs... 

With your simple easy to use personal Customized resistance with proven 7-second isometric

Let me tell you.

...If even if you are not particularly interested in building the he-man muscle as a Man or building up a fit body as a woman, You owe it to your self to keep your body fit.

It's  SAD part of todays' life that many people especially Nigerians ignore this point and end up regretting it when they have become "old people" long before their time ... 

Thanks to modern EXERCISING TECHNIQUE, "keeping fit" is now easier than ever ...

With an outstanding home training which is fast, easy and guaranteed to give result and even widely recommended by one of the leading fitness Specilaist in the United States John Texier called....

The ISO 7X BullWorker

The Iso 7X bullworker  is a shorter version of the Steel Bow giving you more versatility, muscle targeting, and traveling capabilities. Ideal for safe, fast strength training and fat burning at home or on the go. Customized resistance with one simple fitness device with proven 7-second isometric holds to engage more muscle fibers and increase strength up to 66% faster than lifting weights.

It uses an isometric technique which have been proven to increase strength faster than sports or conventional calisthenics.

The All in one Fast Fitness Iso7X bullworker training equipment. 


  • Powerful Resistance: Use high resistance levels for strengthening your muscles and enhance your muscle size quickly
  • Muscle Targeting & ToningUse: desired resistance levels to focus on muscle targeting and toning with muscle concentration
  • Low Impact Training: Make the easy choice when it comes to enhancing your muscle and bone density
  • Biceps Exercises: Developing your biceps has never been easier with multiple variations and grips like this cable curl for stronger arms and biceps
  • Lower Body: Choose which muscle(s) you want to train and the Iso X7 offers simple solutions like this leg developing leg press and calf extension

The ‘good news’ is that I am willing to send you this "NEVER SEEN BEFORE" All round Simple effective Portable Home Gym Isometric Exercise Equipment for Fast Strength Training Gains. Cross Training Fitness; Chest, Back, Arms, and Abs Exercise Machine

 for just



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We are actually tired of disappointments from wicked Nigerians, who order for products but don't pick after we've spent money sending to their locations. It is affecting our little income.

Commitment fees for states outside Lagos Validates your seriousness. However, if you give us your words, we may consider but don't fail us.


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...Now there are two choices.

First Option: Do nothing, and not take this leap of faith.

Second Option: Take me up on this small investment today and  Protect Your Body and  from sickness and keep fit.


...If by chance this product does not satisfy you (which is very rare), please, call 08143337558 to ask for a quick refund + N1k to say we are sorry.


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